Translaminar Lumbar And Caudal Epidural

Translaminar Lumbar And Caudal Epidural

A Translaminar Lumbar and Caudal Epidural can take 5-15 minutes to perform. This injection procedure is performed to alleviate the lower back and to surround and radiate leg pain. Steroid medication can reduce pain from swelling and inflammation caused by various spinal conditions. During this procedure, a local anesthetic is applied to the lower back lumbar area to numb the skin and surrounding areas.

We slide a thicker needle into the epidural space between the L4 and L5 vertebrae using a fluoroscope for guidance. We then inject a steroid mixture and anesthetic into the epidural space, helping alleviate and soothe the nerve root pain. This procedure may need to be performed up to 3 times to receive complete relief from pain.

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