IME (Independent Medical Evaluation)

IME (Independent Medical Evaluation)

It is common for people to fall, slip, trip, burn, cut, or experience injuries while lifting heavy objects. Workplace injuries happen every day. People break bones, get back or neck pain in any occupation, and expose themselves to injury risks. Every year these injury risks leave millions away from work for the short or long-term, depending on the severity. Employees must report the incident to their employer whenever they are injured at work.

Patient undergoing IME (Independent Medical Evaluation) at ReMeDy Medical Group

In most cases, the employee may likely visit a doctor for their injuries and then file a claim with the employer. There is a high chance that the employer may dispute your injury or permanent disability. In such cases, an independent medical evaluation becomes a viable option. The purpose is to get an independent medical opinion in evaluating the injured party (employee). To identify any permanent disability or injury and develop a separate patient diagnosis. The doctor is an expert who assesses the patient’s health and creates an independent evaluation.

Benefits of Independent Medical Evaluation

The doctors who conduct IMEs are required by law to be truthful, neutral, and unbiased. The best thing is one can get a second opinion on their injury. However, if working on the side that must financially compensate you, the risk of likely being favored on the party's side increases. You may appeal for another doctor, and then they evaluate your side of the dispute. They may recommend x-rays, scans, or necessary examinations to help diagnose.

Moreover, you get the necessary care, and the doctor may even suggest referrals. You will have an advocate that can support your diagnosis unbiasedly. Doctors with solid experience in independent medical evaluations can advocate for you and your case.

What Can You Expect from the Evaluation?

The purpose is to evaluate the medical symptoms related to the incident, which can be injury or long-term disability. The doctor will thoroughly assess the functionality of tasks based on physical and mental aspects. On this basis, they will make recommendations or restrict your ability to perform daily activities at home, work, and other social aspects. The independent medical evaluator will conduct the IME objectively and perform routine procedures, such as confirming your identity, stating the party requesting it, completing the process, and reporting. Remember, the patient can ask any questions before and during the exam, and the doctor will be able to address them.

Our physicians conduct independent medical evaluations in the most truthful and unbiased manner. We ensure that patient care is delivered in the best possible way and the patients are comfortable throughout the evaluation process.

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