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The Needleless Injection

Are you an athlete who is scared of needles but needs injections to help you with pain management and reducing inflammation? The fear of needles and injections is termed as trypanophobia. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 56 percent of adults and 82 percent of children under 15 years old suffer from trypanophobia (, 2014). We understand how an enormous needle can be intimidating. To be quite frank, not many people are comfortable with the injection after seeing a needle that is over two inches long. Sometimes, the patient’s pain might even get worse before the shot because of their fear. The fear creates stress, and the stress in the body releases chemicals into the body that force the muscles to tighten, which makes the poke of the needle just a little more painful than usual. Patients who have trypanophobia are not scared of the pain from the injection; they are scared of needle itself.

Fortunately, at Remedy Medical Group, we have a solution to administer medication for pain management without using a needle. We call it Hybresis. Hybresis is a wireless brand of iontophoresis therapy. We use iontophoresis therapy as a method of delivering medicine and other chemicals through the skin via a small electric charge. During iontophoresis therapy, a Hybresis device is utilized as a way of passing a mild electrical current through water and through the skin's surface.

For more information about if you are eligible for Hybresis and iontophoresis therapy and if it can help you, schedule an appointment by contacting our San Mateo office at (650) 306-9490.

Iontophoresis therapy is a non-invasive method of delivering medication through the skin to treat many inflammatory conditions such as fasciitis, bursitis, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, and many other conditions. Some of the advantages of using iontophoresis therapy are to avoid the risk of infection, to avoid skin damage or irritation, and to avoid discomfort in the treated area from an injection. Also, while many people prefer taking medication orally, this method may cause other effects such as nausea or drowsiness, and it also reduces the amount of medication the patient receives, as the medication is broken down in the intestines during the digestive process.

Iontophoresis therapy, in contrast, concentrates the delivery of medication to local areas, which avoids much of the side effects associated with of oral medications. Delivering medicine this way helps alleviate pain in specific areas of the body. In fact, there have no significant side effects of Iontophoresis therapy, and the benefits are long-term, given that the patient retains a regular maintenance schedule recommended by the doctor, which is typically weekly. Essentially, this is the best way of delivering medicine into the body without using a needle.

You don’t have to continue worrying about facing the needle at your next doctor’s appointment. The health professionals at Remedy Medical Group are here to help you in any way within our means. To find out if your condition can be treated with Hybresis, contact our San Mateo office at (650) 306-9490. We look forward on helping you overcome you fear of needles, your pain, and your injury. Call (650) 306-9490 now to schedule an appointment.

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