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San Mateo Splint Fitting At Remedy Medical Group

Splint Fitting At Remedy Medical Group

Splints can have several benefits during the recovery period after an injury. A splint can be provided for injuries to many body parts, including: hands and fingers, forearms and wrists, elbows, knees, and the feet. Splints are different from casts in that they can be removed and put back on whenever necessary. They help stabilize the joints as a way of reducing pain and inflammation. When the injured body part has reduced movement, it can help in the recovery. Splints can be fabric-based braces, or they can be fabricated out of harder material to fit your exact measurements or needs, which depends on the injury.

At Remedy Medical Group in San Mateo, we provide splint fitting to meet your injury needs. Call us at (650) 306-9490 to schedule an appointment for a splint fitting today.

Although many splints are designed to restrict movement, some may allow movement so the person wearing the splint can resume their regular activities without over straining the body part. For example, wrist splints allow finger movement to promote blood flow in the wrist and for the person to have the ability to grab items or type. These types of splints are usually made of softer material, and they are great for support. Many people find that wearing splints while they sleep also helps them get better rest. In fact, people with arthritis find that wearing a splint reduces pain, allowing them to sleep better.

Are there any negatives to wearing a splint?

Yes, but not many. Most people complain about comfort. When a person first begins wearing a splint, it can be a little uncomfortable since the pain is still present and the body part isn’t used to wearing the splint. Harder splints are obviously more uncomfortable compared to the softer ones, but sometimes the harder splints are necessary to retain joint position. Fortunately, the body will adapt to the splint over time. Another complaint is about the smell of the splint. As people continue to wear a splint for a long period of time, the body part begins to sweat, which is absorbed into the splint, particularly if the splint is made of a particular fabric. Accumulated sweat and dirt can begin to smell, so it is always a good idea to wash the splint periodically.

If you need a splint fitting, we would be happy to help. Call Remedy Medical Group in San Mateo at (650) 306-9490 to schedule an appointment for a splint fitting today.

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