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The Relationship Between Neck Pain and Headaches

Are your headaches sticking around a little longer than usual? A common neck injury can affect the neck muscles and pass the extra tension on to the head muscles, causing a lengthy headache. This extra stress could be what’s causing your headaches. Most neck injuries, though seemingly minor, can also cause issues with the shoulders and chest.

If you are suffering from headaches as a result of neck pain, call Remedy Medical Group at (650) 306-9490 and schedule an appointment. Time may only enhance the amount of scar tissue in the affected area, which may, in time, result in other chronic conditions such as arthritis or osteoarthritis.

The most common cause of neck injuries is whiplash from an auto accident. Regardless of the direction in which the car was struck, whiplash can still occur to the driver and passengers. The muscles and tissues in the neck are particularly delicate that it may not even take an auto accident for whiplash to occur. For instance, a sudden shove in the back or from the side, an unexpected fall, and even being on a ride at an amusement park can all cause whiplash.

Sleep position is one of the silent causes of acute neck pain. Simply put, if we sleep in an awkward position, we will most likely wake up with a sore neck, and who wants to go through their day with a sore neck? The problem is that people tend to fall asleep in the same way night after night, which means that stiff neck may happen again. Fortunately, buying a good pillow that supports the neck can help relieve tension to the neck. However, many times, people tend to hold on to those old, lumpy pillows that never quite have enough cushion to support the neck. Consequently, the head leans back or to the side, which, consequently, causes stress to the neck.

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