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Functional Therapy for Sports Injuries Fresno

Functional Therapy for Sports Injuries

How does Functional Therapy help with Sports Injuries?

Being injured while playing sports may seem inevitable, and the recovery time can be strenuous and time consuming. With the proper care of your body the risk of being injured can be substantially reduced, and the recovery from an injury can be done in less time. That is why the doctors and treatment staff at Remedy Medical Group are here to help you prepare your body to engage in sports or recover from an injury caused by sports. As the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported in 2011, “Collision or contact sports have higher injury rates - football, basketball, baseball and soccer account for about 80% of all sports-related emergency room visits” (, 2011). The main reason that these particular sports have such a high injury percentage is based on the impact they have on your body and the exercise (or lack of exercise) you perform to prepare your body for such activities.

Although one may think that children can be more durable when playing sports than adults, they actually seem to be just as at risk of getting injured while playing sports as adults based on their preparation and body strength. According CDC, nearly 30 million children participate in sports in the United States (, 2001). As children prepare themselves for games in practice, most of them will push themselves just as hard in practice as they would in a game. Unfortunately, 62 percent of these children are likely to be injured during practice instead of a game (, 2015). “While teens and young adults experience injuries related to the force they can generate and the intensity of play, children in this age group are less proficient at assessing risks and have less coordination, slower reaction times and less accuracy than adults” (, 2011). Although, as parents, we are more concerned about our children getting injured than we are about ourselves, yet when it happens, our recover time is a bit lengthy, but it doesn’t have to be. The clinicians at Remedy Medical Group understand sports related injuries, and our Functional Therapy service can help you or your child recover from most sports related injuries.

If you or your child has been injured while playing sports, the time to make an appointment is now! The longer you wait, the more other body parts may be affected. Call Remedy Medical Group at (650) 306-9490 and schedule an appointment today.

Some of the most common sports related injuries are sprains, muscle strains, bone injuries, and repetitive motion injuries. However, Functional Therapy such as medically directed rehab, rehabilitation through physical medicine, and physiotherapy are designed to help you regain that motion in joints and extremities, strengthen damaged muscles, and prevent future injury. For more information on how Functional Therapy can help you recover from a sports related injury, call (650) 306-9490 and schedule an appointment today.

The first step to relief from Sports Injuries is to schedule a free consultation in our office to discuss the specifics of your case.

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